Sessions are available via Zoom, Phone, or in Person.  
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Distant Healing

Intentional healing modality that transcends the usual constraints of distance through space or time. Healing and Restoration are beyond time and space. These sessions are facilitated anywhere one resides.

Amara Jeanine

Serenity Vibration Healing

A personal empowerment tool that works at the transcendent levels to reform foundations of limiting beliefs and perceptions that can stop you from reaching your highest ideal. Serenity Vibration Healing will absolutely assist you to reach your highest ideal on the progressive road of master expansion. You are ready to leap and the Serenity Tools can assist your evolution to higher consciousness to be one of ease, grace, and harmony; attracting honoring relationships, abundance, and a drama-free, vital life experience.

Amara Jeanine

Quantum Level Reprogramming.

Consciousness and quantum energies affect your genetic expression and the development of disease and chronic health conditions. This modality is an ego program and random inner dialogue removal.

Amara Jeanine

Human Design and Life Path Chart Interpretations & Readings

The unique mechanics of our chart determine how we experience and express Lines, weaving in key components such as Profile, Cross, areas of conditioning, and more. Experiment with the unique mechanics of one's blueprint. Understand your strategy and authority. How it works individually and with a group of other souls. A journey of discovery and awakening your purpose in vehicular consciousness of mind-body purpose aligned with the soul/spirit.

1 hour Sessions

3 Hours - Full Reading w/ chart interpretation

Amara Jeanine

Amara Jeanine

Channeled Guidance

For over 12 years Amara has been a channel for assistance from locating a family meme bear to change in relationships, relocation, and life insights . We receive this guidance by a brief journey in heart space where ones God Self is called upon and we ask for revealing and insights to a decision that is being requested. In the heart space is where one goes beyond the mind/intellect that basis its reactions by past and memory. Here in the heart is where the guidance is channeled anew, and has true new path potential for change and direction that transcends the past. 

Amara Jeanine

Earth Grid Ceremony & Meditation Session 

In a guided meditation which can be done by zoom or in person. We open sacred space within the heart and work directly with Gaia, the spirit of terra or Earth. Calling in the medicine of the Whale clan, the masters of this Soul work some are called to purposefully join in the co-creating of New Earth pristine fields. This is a soul calling for many lightworkers who have participated in this development in the original Earth Creation. 


1 Hour - $199

Package of Four $725

Amara Jeanine

Great Central Sun Activation

Return to the Origins of The Soul, journey from the depths of the heart passing thru the great hallways and through the heart of Gaia Earth center. Soul Journey thru to the great Center of the Sun, and activate the Subatomic particles remembering of its origins of pure light. This is the reset, the returning. We are becoming Light. This activation each time raises the level of consciousness and awareness of one's totality, and relinquishes Ego programming, and allows Soul Liberation.


60 - 90 minutes $199

Package of Four $725

Amara Jeanine

Positive input promotes overall balance, or homeostasis.

Depok Chopra

Amara Jeanine

Amara Jeanine

Amara Jeanine


Serenity Vibration Healing Technique

Level 1. Mastery Level - w/ manual and certification. Three Hour Teaching time. 

Level 2. Channeling Soul, Transmissions & Activation Modalities - w/ manual and certification. Three hours Teaching time.

Human Design Class - Become a Reader

Level 1. Introductory. Easy Guidance for Beginners.

Mastering Strategy & Authority. Explaining the profiles and Incarnation Cross. 

A mapping system, that each unique soul has a blueprint of success and a role to play according to its strategy and authority. 

90 minute Teaching Time

Ceremonial Offerings & Activations 

Earth Studies, Elemental Medicine, Prayer Bundles & Collective Prayer Circles.