Amara Jeanine Cancel an instrument and Channel for the Sacred, The beloved Supreme Creator of all life.


We have been souls on a journey one that has been of the one to the many and now returning to the many as the one. The great mystery this dream play is now opening to a great shift in conscious creativity and clarity of being.  

This incarnation is one of many cycles of completion from person to presence, and is an honor to be here in sacred service to a Birthing Collectively and in unity with this Planet, we call Earth or Terra.

I work with spirit guides and in direct communication with Soul spirit and as a functional body and mind directly thru assistance with a few modalities and facilitators for 18 years.

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Amara Jeanine

I began a healing journey in 2000, a near-death experience catapulted me to go on a search for the depth of understanding what was shown during the times in my life when I was touched by Spirit in profound ways and alchemically how it shaped my Souls path in a way I could share with others who are also ready to awaken to what their purpose and contributions gifts and talents are in collective unison and harmony.

We are all so very ready. It is now time to share and assist our soul in the liberation of grand celebration. We are here and the time is now.

I have found Serenity Vibration healing Technique to be an immense Quantum tool. Transforming limited expressions and systems no longer helpful to our next level of conscious awareness and co-creating, into manifestation magnets of mastery and exquisite Multidimensional Ascended beings who are the fullness of the Beloved highest Light Humans overflowing in compassion and intention of Love.

Human Design is the mechanical blueprint in an understanding of the vehicular consciousness, body, and mind awareness. This great work of ancient science and function awareness is highly useful in knowing our part in the grand play and strategy and authority. Each is so unique.

I am ecstatic to share other Arts in healing.

We each delicately contribute to the full birthing of our planet as stewards and grand guardians as she is also that for us.

Let’s journey explore and activate, consciously choosing and directing our mind/body, and soul/spirit in full unison and expression.

Land journeys:

For 12 years I have facilitated land journeys and food tastings experiences along with yoga and movement hikes that include meditation, journeys, and a full day of fun!